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Jim Farr

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Dave Thomas

"I am a full-on quadriplegic and am only capable of head movement. So, it goes without saying that using a computer was difficult/impossible. But, thankfully, there are some great applications out there that make computers accessible to those like me; and HVK is one of those apps that has truly made a huge difference in my life. Using HVK allows me to fully access the computer, opening up possibilities to do things I thought were lost to me (email, Internet, gaming, texting, accessing my cell phone, etc.) Your app is simple to use, yet powerful. The ability to customize and map keys, functions, overlays and programs makes HVK indispensable to me. I've tried other virtual keyboards, but none had the functionality of HVK."

Robert Quadri

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Nick Lee

"The app actually looks very good though, you can rearrange the keys and make a custom keyboard. I bet someone here could come up with a good layout."


"The keyboard is easier to use then other keyboards. The mouse has easy acces to the letters and other functions. You can make your own keyboard. I know some free keyboards do the same and I tried them to. But this one is affordable and is easy to use."


"Just started using - registered yesterday - and very impressed. I am setting up a simple touch-screen system to control my media server, using an old PC."

Steve Parry

"Ideal for umpc without keyboard, far better than standard windows onscreen kb which came with my asus r2h. Now using small mini keyboard great! thanks!"


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Tarik GuneySoftware Engineer

"The Version 9 works like a charm now. The whole integration process was really straight forward."

Benjamin Wittfoth

"This is a very good software as soon as my users started using the square windows keyboard immediately they complained because you have to stretch your finger and is always on the way, not comfortable for you wrist, but as soon as I load this software with the UMPC style , they immediately notice how ergonomic is for a Tablet use and for data input… for a 10hrs a day shirt, this is key….great software!"


"Umm…you guys are going to make a zillion dollars once windows 8 tablet computers start to catch on! The built in OSK is absolutely awful. And Hot Virtual Keyboard is AMAZING!!! Keystroke macros (which can be encrypted), disable built in OSK, 70 keyboards large and small built in to choose from, the list goes on and on. A great piece of work.
Thank you so much for a great product!! You have made my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 much more usable and I am grateful."

Larry Cameron

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You get a lot of value for $30 for this software. It is worth more than that. :)"


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Look, it's really, really good (almost great) software for any touch device."

Steve Gross

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