On-Screen Keyboard for Kiosk, Tablet PC, Panel PC, Touch-monitor

There are more than 70 different virtual on-screen keyboards supplied with Hot Virtual Keyboard. Haven't found the perfect one? Modify any virtual keyboard or create your own by specifying the background, shape, color and font of the keys, sounds of different key groups, and many more parameters to create a virtual on-screen keyboard to your liking.

A single tap launches an application, opens a Web site or executes a keystroke macro. Pre-program keys to perform routine text editing tasks such as copying and pasting; or to control the behavior of opened windows and various aspects of your system.

Hot Virtual Keyboard supports all languages and keyboard layouts installed in Windows, and is ready to help users of touch-screen devices all over the world.

On-Screen Keyboard

If you are kiosk developer then you can integrate your own systems with the Hot Virtual Keyboard using Window Messages. This allows your applications to open, close or move the desktop keyboard; and change the keyboard layout at runtime.

Hot Virtual Keyboard is completely free to try!


On-Screen Keyboard with Rounded Keys