Registry Values

Typically, all settings are saved to this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ComfortSoftware\hvk

The /COMMON command line parameter instructs the application to save its settings to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComfortSoftware\hvk

The /INIFILE command line parameter instructs the application to save and read its settings from the INI file. Typically, the settings are stored in the registry. The settings will be stored in the Backup.ini file located in the application installation folder (in the Data subfolder).

System Settings

LanguageThe language of the user interface.
RunAtWindowsStartupRun the program at Windows startup (Used in the INI file)
ShowLogonKeyboardShow keyboard on logon screen (Used in the INI file)
HighPrioritySet high priority
HideTrayIconHide the icon in the system tray
DeskBandVisibleShow the toolbar in the taskbar (Used in the INI file)
AddToWindowsContextMenuAdd to the Windows context menu (Used in the INI file)
StopTabletInputServiceDisable system touch keyboard and handwriting panel (Windows 8 and above)
ActionFileNameCurrent Keyboard Shortcuts File
ActionFileName0, ActionFileName1, ActionFileName2, ActionFileName3History of opened Keyboard Shortcuts Files
FirstStartDon't show the wizard


KeyboardNameKeyboard type name
KeyboardSecurityPasswordWhen I enter a password don't show which keys are tapped
KeyPressOnReleaseType characters when keys are released
KeyboardRepeatEnable key repeat
KeyboardRepeatDelayRepeat delay (msec)
KeyboardRepeatRateRepeat rate (characters per second)
ShowKeyHintShow a tip over a pressed character key
ShowAlternateSymbolsShow alternate characters or symbols
ShowAlternateSymbolsDelayDelay in milliseconds for showing of alternate characters

Expert Settings

AccessDeniedLock all the settings so that the end user cannot change them
ShowCADShow the CTRL+ALT+DEL button next to the logon keyboard (0-hide, 1-show)
LogonOnTopMove the logon keyboard to the top of screen (0-bottom, 1-top)
StartContextMenuHide balloon when the program starts
ShowHandCursorKind of the mouse pointer
KeyboardUpperCaseShow characters on the on-screen keyboard in UPPER CASE
TKeyboardSetupFormTop, TKeyboardSetupFormLeft, TKeyboardSetupFormHeight, TKeyboardSetupFormWidth, TKeyboardSetupFormState Top, Left, Height, Width and State of the "Edit keyboard type" window
KeyboardTouchSlideChange the pressed key when you touch the key and move your finger (useful for Computer Games)
KeyboardHighlightReleasedKeyHighlight the keys on the on-screen keyboard when you lift your finger
KeyboardHighlightReleasedKeyDelayHighlight the keys: Disappearance delay (msec)
KeyboardZoomIconsShow enlarged icons on the on-screen keyboard, if possible
AdditionalKeyBorderAdditional key border to define the active key
KeyboardShowShift, KeyboardShowCtrl, KeyboardShowAlt, KeyboardShowWin, KeyboardShowAnyKeyShow the keyboard while holding down the key
KeyboardShowDelayThe delay between the moment the control key is pressed and the moment the on-screen keyboard appears
KeyboardHideWhenDeviceFoundHide the keyboard when this device is found
WebBrowserCheckEnabledYou can show, hide and move the keyboard using JavaScript. The process is simple: special JavaScript functions add keyboard-related information to the browser caption and the program monitors it for changes. (0-disabled, 1-enabled)
WebBrowserCheckIntervalInterval in milliseconds between checks of the browser caption when WebBrowserCheckEnabled is enabled.
WebBrowserCheckForced0-Checks caption of well-known browsers only. 1-Checks caption of any active window.
KeyboardHideTemporarilyTemporarily hide the keyboard when a system window is visible in Windows 8 and above
KeyboardHideWhenSearchUITemporarily hide the keyboard when the Start Menu is visible in Windows 10 and above
KeyboardHideWhenSwipeHide the keyboard when you swipe it down
ExcludeWebsitesHide the keyboard when a Website/URL from this list has been activated in Internet Explorer
KeyboardForcedOnTopPlace the keyboard window above other topmost windows
KeyboardSideLockLock the on-screen keyboard when typing (otherwise checks the text cursor)
BlockMouseMessagesDo not move the mouse cursor when you touch the keyboard in Windows 8 and above
CaretKbMovesMouseMove the mouse after clicking the floating icon
KeyboardMinHeightMinimum keyboard height
KeyboardMinWidthMinimum keyboard width
KeyboardHoldDoubleShift, KeyboardHoldDoubleCtrl, KeyboardHoldDoubleAlt, KeyboardHoldDoubleWin, KeyboardHoldDoubleFn Hold down the key when it's double-clicked: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Win, Fn
KeyboardHoldArrowKeys, KeyboardHoldAnyKeyHold down the key until pressed again: Arrow Keys, Any Key
KeyboardRemainPressedDelayShift, Ctrl, Alt, or Win key remains pressed if held down for less than N milliseconds
WCCollectStatisticsCollect the Text Suggestions statistics
WCGridRowCountMaximum number of lines in the Text Suggestions
KeyboardSecurityTotalNever show the pressed keys
BlockSystemHotkeysLock system keys and hotkeys like Alt+F4, Win, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc.
KeyboardShowHieroglyphsShow hieroglyphs for Asian languages on keys
KeyboardShowDeadKeysShow dead keys
ShowCursorShow the mouse pointer for all windows

Appearance Theme

ThemeNameTheme Style
ColorBackground, ColorFrame, ColorBtnNormal, ColorBtnNormalFrame, ColorBtnNormalFont, ColorBtnNormalFontInfo, ColorBtnSelected, ColorBtnSelectedFrame, ColorBtnSelectedFont, ColorBtnSelectedFontInfo, ColorBtnHotTrack, ColorBtnHotTrackFrame, ColorBtnHotTrackFont, ColorBtnHotTrackFontInfoCustom Theme Colors
SkinBtnNormal, SkinBtnHot, SkinBtnSelectedCustom Theme Skins
ThemeDrawingStyleStyle of drawing
ThemeNativeNative style of the window
ThemeRoundedRounded corners
ThemeCommonAlphaBlendCommon transparency (0-255)
BackgroundPictureNameBackground picture
ThemeInfoFontName, ThemeInfoFontIsBold, ThemeInfoFontIsItalic, ThemeInfoFontSizeTheme Characters Font
ThemeFontName, ThemeFontIsBold, ThemeFontIsItalic, ThemeFontSizeTheme Font

Appearance Theme: Keys

KeyboardCenterInfoShow labels and icons in the center of keys
KeyboardShowLabelsShow keyboard layout by default
KeyboardLangKeyboard layout by default
KeyboardShowDoubleKeysShow symbols accessible via Shift when Shift is not pressed and font is not large
ShowCharCtrlShow symbols accessible via Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift
ShowKeyboardZoneColor finger areas
KeyboardForeignLabelsLabels on control keys depend on the currently selected input language
KeyboardShowLocksShow the state of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys


KBVisibleThe on-screen keyboard is visible
ShowCaretKeyboardShow on-screen keyboard when the text cursor is visible
ShowCaretKeyboardOnClickShow only when you click or tap a text box
KeyboardCaretDelayDisappearance delay (msec) when the text cursor is invisible
KeyboardHideWhenPhysicalUsedHide the on-screen keyboard when typing on a physical keyboard
GestureShowThree finger tap on your touchscreen: Show/Hide
KeyboardAnimationAnimate the launch of the on-screen keyboard: 1-Slide Down, 2-Slide Up, 3-Slide Right, 4-Slide Left
KeyboardAutoHideAuto Hide
KeyboardHideDelayAuto Hide: Disappearance delay (msec)
KeyboardHideEndStateAuto Hide: End state (0-255)


KeyboardPos0000x0000Position of the keyboard window for every display resolution
KeyboardLockedLock keyboard movements
ShowKeyboardBesideCaretShow On-Screen Keyboard next to the text entry area when possible
KeyboardMovesWindowMoves and sizes the active window
KeyboardDockDocking: 0-None, 1-Bottom, 2-Top, 3-Right, 4-Left
CheckWorkareaDo not overlap the taskbar. The taskbar is taken into account when moving the keyboard to the edge of the screen. Docking and Default position use this option (0-Entire Screen, 1-Workarea).
KeyboardPosHorz, KeyboardPosVert Default position:
Horizontal position: 0-Don't move, 1-Left, 2-Center, 3-Right
Vertical position: 0-Don't move, 1-Top, 2-Center, 3-Bottom
GestureMoveTouch with two fingers to move


KeyboardFitWidthFit width
KeyboardFitHeightFit height
KeyboardZoomWidthZoom Width (%)
KeyboardZoomHeightZoom Height (%)
KeyboardLockAspectRatioLock window size
KeyboardLockedSizeLock keyboard size
GestureZoomPinch or stretch to zoom when using a touchscreen

Typing Aid

KeyboardPeriodShortcutDouble taping the space bar will insert a period followed by a space
KeyboardCapitalAfter, KeyboardCapitalAfterStrCapitalize the first letter of each sentence
KeyboardDeleteSpace, KeyboardDeleteSpaceStrDelete space before
KeyboardSpaceAfter, KeyboardSpaceAfterStrAdd space after
KeyboardSpaceBefore, KeyboardSpaceBeforeStrAdd space before
KeyboardHoldShiftDoubleTapUse all uppercase letters when I double-tap Shift
KeyboardHoldShiftHold down Shift until released
KeyboardHoldCtrlHold down Ctrl until released
KeyboardHoldAltHold down Alt until released
KeyboardHoldWinHold down Win until released
KeyboardAutoclickEnable AutoClick
KeyboardAutoclickDelayAutoClick delay (msec)


UseGesturesUse gestures
SensitivityGesturesSensitivity of gestures (0-30)
GestureRight, GestureLeft, GestureUp, GestureDownAction for the Gesture

Floating Window (FKB)

FKBVisibleFKB is visible
TFloatingWindowKbFormTopTop of FKB
TFloatingWindowKbFormLeftLeft of FKB
FKBAutoHideAuto hide: Hide FKB when the on-screen keyboard is visible
FKBLockedFKB is locked
FKBSizeSize of FKB
FKBHeightHeight of FKB
FKBWidthWidth of FKB
FKBTransparentFKB transparency (0-255)
FKBFirstInfoHide balloon about FKB (You can adjust the settings...)
FloatingWindowKbHintDetermines whether FKB displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on FKB

Floating Icon

ShowCaretKbIconShow the floating icon for the on-screen keyboard next to the text cursor when possible
ShowCaretKbAutoHideAuto hide: Hide the Icon when the On-Screen Keyboard is visible
ShowCaretKbLabelShow label next to the Icon
CaretKbWidthWidth of the Icon
CaretKbHeightHeight of the Icon
CaretKbLeft, CaretKbTopThe distance between the text cursor and the Icon

Text Suggestions

WCEnabledText Suggestions Enabled
WCShowAsGridShow as a set of buttons next to the on-screen keyboard
WCAlignTextLeftAlign words left
WCAutoHideAuto Hide Text Suggestions
WCShowWithKeyboardShow, Hide and Move with the On-Screen Keyboard
WCThresholdMinimum character threshold
WCDisplayedWordsNumber of displayed words
WCShowDelayText Suggestions Appearance delay (msec)
WCAddSpaceAdd a space after I choose a text suggestion
WCHideCompleteWordsDo not show words with 1 character remaining
WCDisplayNumbersShow numbers
WCConfirmKeyConfirm selected word with this key
TWordCompleteFormTopTop of the Text Suggestions Windows

Text Suggestions: Dictionaries

WCLearnLearn new words
WCConfirmationConfirmation of the addition of words to the custom dictionary
WCWordConfirmDelayDisappearance delay (msec) of the confirmation of the addition of words
WCWordConfirmKeyConfirm new word with this key
WCDataPathThe folder used by the program for storing dictionaries and statistics
WCSecurityPasswordDisable the Text Suggestions function when entering passwords

Language Bar

TFloatingWindowLangFormTopThe Language Bar Top
TFloatingWindowLangFormLeftThe Language Bar Left
FLGHeightThe Language Bar Height
FLGWidthThe Language Bar Width
FLGVisibleThe Language Bar is visible
FLGLockedThe Language Bar is locked
FLGShowWithKeyboardShow, Hide and Move with the On-Screen Keyboard
FLGKindKind of The Language Bar
FLGShowLabelShow The Language Bar Label
FLGTransparentThe Language Bar transparency (0-255)
FLGFirstInfoHide balloon about the Language Bar (You can adjust the settings...)
FloatingWindowLangHintDetermines whether the Language Bar displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the Language Bar

Shortcut Icons

ShowIconWindowsShow Windows shortcut icons
ShowIconAppShow active application shortcut icons
ShowIconCKeysShow the program shortcut icons
ShowIconHintsShow shortcut icon hints
ShowHotkeySquareShow information about the availability of application shortcut keys
TIconSetupFormTopTop of "Edit shorcut icons" window
TIconSetupFormLeftLeft of "Edit shorcut icons" window


SoundEnabledEnable Sounds
Sound0Sound: Alphanumeric keys pressed on the on-screen keyboard
Sound1Sound: BackSpace or Delete key pressed on the on-screen keyboard
Sound2Sound: System keys pressed on the on-screen keyboard
Sound3Sound: Alphanumeric keys pressed
Sound4Sound: BackSpace or Delete key pressed
Sound5Sound: System key pressed
Sound6Sound: Keyboard Shortcut of the program pressed
SoundVolumeVolume of these sounds (0-100)


DependenciesListCount, DependenciesList0, DependenciesList1...List of Dependencies


NumLockStatusNum Lock state: 0-Do not change, 1-Turn on at startup, 2-Turn off at startup
ShortcutInfoEnabledEnable information message about launching programs with shotcuts
ShortcutInfoFontName, ShortcutInfoFontIsBold, ShortcutInfoFontIsItalic, ShortcutInfoFontSize, ShortcutInfoColorFont of the Shortcut Info
ShortcutInfoHideDelayDisappearance delay (msec) of the Shortcut Info


ActionSetupActiveHide balloon about "Keyboard Shorcuts Settings" window
TActionSetupFormTopTop of "Keyboard Shorcuts Settings" window
TActionSetupFormStateState of "Keyboard Shorcuts Settings" window
pnlLeftWidthWidth of the left panel of "Keyboard Shorcuts Settings" window
CreateBtnKindKind of last created on-screen key
MessageRecordMacrosHide message about recording macros
BalloonRecordMacrosHide balloon about recording macros
rqcrpt, crptPasswords

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