How to activate different keyboards

You can specify different types of on-screen keyboards to be displayed. Please use any of the following methods.

Method 1

Change the KeyboardName registry parameter at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ComfortSoftware\hvk from your software.

If the on-screen keyboard is visible, send the Windows message PostMessage(FindWindow('TFirstForm', 'hvkFirstForm'), WM_CSKEYBOARD, 1, 0), and our application will reload the on-screen keyboard.

Method 2

Download this file:

Command format: SetNameKB.exe "keyboard name"

SetNameKB.exe Mini

Method 3

You can use Windows Messages to change the keyboard.

char KeyboardName[80]; 

  KeyboardName = "Standard"; 
// Fill the COPYDATA structure 
  MyCDS.dwData = 1;          // function identifier 
  MyCDS.cbData = sizeof( KeyboardName );  // size of data 
  MyCDS.lpData = &KeyboardName;           // data structure 
// Call function, passing data in &MyCDS 
  HWND hwDispatch = FindWindow( "TFirstForm", "hvkFirstForm" ); 
  if( hwDispatch != NULL ) 
    SendMessage( hwDispatch, 
      (LPARAM) (LPVOID) &MyCDS ); 

Activate different on-screen keyboards

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